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Watch the video for our unique Portfolio Tracker
— a perfect tool for the serious Income Investor.
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You gain access to a world-class Portfolio Tracker. It will keep track of your investments in stocks, funds, and bonds. It includes all the basic functions of any investment tracker and much more!

It displays the following:

  • What you own, the cost of your investments, present value, gain (loss), each holding's percentage of the total portfolio.

  • Dividend yield, monthly and annual income calculation.

  • Live share price and today’s price change.

  • Allocation warnings when a holding exceeds a preset percentage of your total portfolio.

  • Warnings when the dividend income from a single holding exceeds a preset allocation threshold. This feature is designed to help you remain diversified and limit your risk.

You get free access to our Dividend Tracker too!

With your membership you also gain access to our Dividend Tracker. Hate not knowing when your next big dividend payment is coming? Hate buying a security and realizing you missed the Ex-Div date by a couple of days? Our dividend tracker solves these problems by highlighting when and how large your next dividend payment will be. It makes organizing your bills and finances easy when you know when your money is coming. 

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