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The Main Features of our Service:

  • A Model Portfolio of stocks currently yielding +9%.

  • A Dividend Tracker which lets you know exactly when to expect your next dividend/interest payment.

  • A state-of-the-art Portfolio Tracker where you can track your dividend holdings, income, and recommended allocation by sector.  For video click HERE.


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What Else do you get With Your Membership?

Access to our Model Portfolio

Our portfolio is actively managed and targets maximum total returns with a 9-10% on-going yield. It is composed of 40 high-yield securities including dividend stocks, high-yield ETFs & CEFs, preferred shares, and baby bonds, with a diversified high-yield approach.

Access to our High-Yield Conservative Portfolio 

Our secondary portfolio is designed for conservative income investors and includes high-yield picks that are lower-risk low-volatility, and consists of a selection of the most solid Property REITs, Preferred Stocks, and Baby Bonds.

NEW FEATURES – Access to our Low-risk Preferred Stock and Bond Portfolios 

We have developed portfolios dedicated to preferred stocks and bonds, to further support conservative income investors and those interested in positioning defensively. Our preferred stock portfolio alone includes over 50 preferred stock recommendations, with recommended "buy under" prices and an overall yield close to 7%. It is designed especially for those who like fixed income!

A Free Dividend Tracker 

Hate not knowing when your next big dividend payment is coming? Hate buying a security and realizing you missed the Ex-Div date by a couple of days? Our dividend tracker solves these problems by highlighting when and how large your next dividend payment will be! It makes organizing your bills and finances easy when you know when your money is coming!

A Free Portfolio Tracker

This is a "best in class" tool which enables you to track your holdings, income, and recommended allocation by sector.  

Regular Market Updates: You’ll get continuous market updates and macro-economic analysis so you’ll always be on top of the overall economic climate and context that drives our investing strategy. This is a must-have analysis to support your portfolio as we enter more volatile periods.

Timely Buy and Sell Alerts

We send email alerts each time we make a change to our portfolio so members can stay up to date in managing their portfolios. You’re never caught behind the news on High Dividend Opportunities. We manage positions actively to protect our portfolio and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

24/7 Live Chat 

Our live chatboard is one of the most passionate, informative, and active on Seeking Alpha. It is supported by a seasoned group of income investors and it is where our community comes together to share market news and investment ideas, and help new members get started.

The #1 Service, Period! 

Our Service has been the most subscribed to service on the Seeking Alpha platform since 2016. We maintained this ranking for the past 5 years due to our high commitment to continuously improve our members' investment experience. By joining our group, you will be part of the largest community of income investors and get access to the best quality research with a long and proven track record to boost your income now!

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