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The High Dividend Opportunities team is continually growing as we add new experts. Our team of seasoned income authors specializes in all sub-sectors of the high-yield space to bring you the best available opportunities. By having 6 experts on your side who invest in our own recommendations, you can count on the best advice!.

Meet our Team!

Rida Morwa, Team Leader

I am a former Investment and Commercial Banker with over 30 years experience in the field. I have been advising both individuals and institutional clients on high-yield investment strategies since 1991. I am also a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from the State of Arizona, and hold a BS Degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a Master's degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona).

Treading Softly

Treading Softly learned his passion for investing working  along side portfolio managers and private wealth advisers at Regions Bank, where he learned the tricks of the trade. Now he works at the world's largest credit union as an analyst. His focus is high-yield 'immediate income' style investing – so you can see and feel the impact right away. He holds a BA and MDiv from Pensacola Christian College.​​

Beyond Saving (Will)

Will is our lead REIT analyst, and real estate appraiser by profession. After a successful career culminating in managing the Appraisal Department for a county assessor, he stepped down to start a consulting firm. Since 2016, he has been publishing on Seeking Alpha using his real estate knowledge and research skills to become a leading contributor in the REIT space. He has a BA in Business Administration from Drake University.​​

Trapping Value (TV)

TV is the latest addition to our team. He comes from the icy cold of Canada. TV is an accountant by profession and has accounting designations in both the United States and Canada. In a prior life he worked as a hedge fund analyst focusing on macro calls. The combination of that work experience and accounting knowledge gives TV the edge when digging for investment options in both the U.S. and around the globe. TV also has an extremely strong understanding of portfolio management and how to reduce risk and/or enhance returns.​

Pendragon (John):

John is a software engineer by training with a degree in Mathematics from Syracuse University. He first became interested in investing and the stock market in the mid-1970s. Long discussions with his father taught him a lot about how the markets worked. He started investing for his retirement in the late 1980s. He is always looking for new sources of information on investing and started doing market and stock research during the Great Recession. He began writing research articles in October of 2016 and now publishes regular updates on his main retirement account.​

Preferred Stock Trader (TJ):

TJ has been investing in stocks for 35 years, first focusing primarily on Property REITs and REIT preferred stocks. Then he received an early retirement in 2003 and started investing and trading full-time. For the last 15 years, his focus became solely on fixed-income securities, primarily preferred stocks and baby bonds. His approach is to outperform the market by locating relatively mispriced/underpriced securities based on yield and credit risk with a focus on safety of principal.

The Value Portfolio:

The Value Portfolio is a Computer Engineer with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois. Investing has always been his passion since he started to learn the tricks of the trade from his father as a young child. In the 20+ years, he's refined his expertise through multiple market cycles, choosing to focus primarily on energy income generation for 10+ years, and has publishing on Seeking Alpha for 5+ years, with more than 600 articles. Energy investing is a segment of the market that tends to be irrational, offering investors out-sized opportunities. His portfolio consists of a mix of energy investments, high-yield income investments, and passive index funds investing. He is part of the HDO Experts and helping build a strong income-based portfolios

In investing, experience really matters. Between our most senior analysts alone, Rida Morwa (age 52, former CPA and Investment Banker), Treading Softly, Pendragon, and Preferred Stock Trader, we have over 150 years of investing experience to back our service.

More About Rida Morwa: Rida was educated in the United States with a B.S. degree in Business Accounting from Indiana University (Bloomington), and a Master’s Degree in Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona). He is a former CPA from Arizona (License number 8693-E). He also holds a CeMAP certificate from the UK (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice). Rida lived and worked in several countries including the U.S., France, U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, and Dubai. He has over 30 years in Finance, Investment and Corporate Banking. His multinational finance experience includes General Electric and Arthur Andersen. He is currently the CEO and director of Aiko Capital LTD, a UK limited company incorporated in London, and the lead expert of High Dividend Opportunities, the number 1 ranked service for income investors and retirees on Seeking Alpha.

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